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High quality sudoku puzzles

We've invested a lot of time and effort in optimizing our sudoku game generation algorithms. Compared to other sudoku websites, our puzzles have a minimum of givens and exhibit no ugly patterns. Compare and you'll see what we mean. Of course all our puzzles only have a single solution, guaranteed.

Free and unlimited puzzles

We don't stop at a daily puzzle. You have access to all our puzzles, for free. We currently have 20.000 puzzles in our database, and it's growing steadily (generating quality puzzles takes time though). However, we are confident that we have more puzzles than you'll ever solve. And they're all 100% free.

Advanced interface

You don't need a keyboard to play our sudoku. Just click on a square and a clickable keypad pops up. Perfect for playing online sudoku on the web while drinking your coffee! The lack of need for a keyboard also makes our sudoku perfect for playing on an iPad. Try it!

Difficulty levels

Every puzzle in our database has been thoroughly analyzed to rate its difficulty level. Difficulty level is directly related to the time you'll need to solve the puzzle. Furthermore, easy and medium puzzles do not branch, but hard puzzles always branch.

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We'd like to hear from you

You have suggestions to improve our puzzles or our website? Something doesn't work? Or you just want to tell us how much you like us? We want to hear from you! Contact us at webmaster@giroffel.com.


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